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Ελληνική Επιστημονική Εταιρεία Διοίκησης Αθλητισμού και Αναψυχής - ΕλλΕΕΔΑΑ

Code of Conduct

For the smooth functioning and uninterrupted growth the members of the Hellenic Scientific Association for Sport & Recreation Management (HSASMR) believe is necessary: a) to refine the thinking of its members and b) to identify general guidelines for their actions.

To this end the members spent a lot of time studying other Ethical Codes (see end of text) and created the Code of Conduct that follows. This Code is state of the Declaration of Principles of 1997 and the Association will continue to evolve according to the progress of science of sport management in Greece.

The objectives of this Code of Conduct are:

• Creating of a “guide” for the professional activities of the members of the Association.
• Increased emphasis among members to provide high quality services to employers / clients .
• The presentation to the employers / clients of the scientific and professional way of providing quality services.
• The education of all those involved in the sport management positions in Greece according to their professional and scientific ethics, aiming that this way of thinking and practice to be followed in all stages of decision- making at every level, in all sports organizations of the country .

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Next Congress

24- 26 January 2020
Thessaloniki, Greece

About Us

We are a scientific non-profit organization and our purpose is the reflection and research on issues of management / marketing of sport.


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