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Hellenic Scientific Association For Sport Managment & Recreation - HSASMR

Transfer of Copyright

All authors of the article agree for paper publication.

Each author agrees that the research presented is original.

All the authors accept that the paper has not been published in other scientific journals in any language or submitted for publication during the time that the paper is reviewed by the HJSRM.

The scientific journal "Hellenic Sport and Recreation Management" bears no legal responsibility for the material published and is at the sole responsibility of the author.

Authors, who wish to publish research material (graphics, text, etc.) that has already been published elsewhere, must obtain permission from the original copyright holder/s of this material and submit this copy of the permission to the HJSRM

Any material that is not accompanied by such license shall be deemed to be original work of the authors.

HJSRM reserves the right to reject articles that do not comply with the above conditions. Also the whole responsibility for this lies solely to the authors.

Hereby all authors agree on the transfer of copy rights of the material published in the Greek Society for Sport Management. The transfer of rights applies to the whole world, in all languages and all printed and electronic media.

Each author certifies that it has no commercial relationship or benefits related to or resulting from the submitted article, unless eitherwise stated. All sources of project funding must be reported in a footnote on the first page of the article.

Statement of Transfer Rights

Article title:

Author for communication:

Mailing Address, Phone, Fax:
Unconditionally we accept all the terms and conditions set out in this Declaration and all liability in connection with the scientific content of the article and any liability in relation to it

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All authors must sign and accept the terms of this declaration.

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We are a scientific non-profit organization and our purpose is the reflection and research on issues of management / marketing of sport.


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